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You may think that because you only have a staff contingent of 10 or less people that Labour Law does not apply to you. You'd be mistaken. Many a small business has been sunk by this misperception so make sure you're complying.


One of the many labour laws that will affect you is the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA).


Quinlou can assist to ensure you comply with the BCEA, even bigger companies can fail to comply, we can assess any size company and get everything in line with the legal requirements.


Elements in the act we look at are:



·         Working times: including shift work, weekend work, public holidays and any other overtime


·         Payment: including payment in kind, deductions, and so on


·         Leave: annual leave, sick leave, maternity leave, family responsibility leave, unpaid leave and             absence without leave


·         Deductions: including those required by law and those you are allowed to make


·         Notice periods


·         Administration: documents needed by employees and record-keeping


·         Prohibition of victimisation and exploitation of workers by the employer and co-workers