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We are Experienced and Trusted UIF Consultants who specialise in all UIF related services. Registering employers and their domestic workers for UIF with the Department of Labour in South Africa is our speciality.

No more wasting time sitting in queues at The Department of Labour or making countless phone calls just to have the call dropped! We assist you step by step through the process and see to all the nitty-gritty so you don’t have to.

We take care of everything for you from start to finish, completing all the necessary Domestic UIF forms on your behalf.

UIF for Domestic Workers do not need to be a stressful or complex process for you. Leave it to us to get the registration done correctly.

We can assist you with Legislative Requirements you need to abide by so that you are Fully Compliant with your UIF for all your employees. We also provide you with all the documents you are required to provide your employee with by law, such as an Employment Contract and Payslip.

If you haven’t been paying your Monthly UIF Contributions yet – not to worry! We can assist you in obtaining your arrear amount from The Department of Labour so that your account is 100% up to date.

Contact us today to ensure Domestic Workers Receive The UIF Benefits They Deserve


Quinlou is here to assist in ensuring that you are compliant with the laws set out by the Department of Labour, and that your domestic worker receives the benefits due to him or her.




Employer according to the COID Act means any person, including the State, who employs an employee, and includes:

  • Any person controlling the business of an employer;
  • If the services of an employee are lent or let or temporarily made available to some other person by his employer, such employer for such period as the employee works for that other person;
  • A labour broker who against payment provides a person to a client for the rendering of a service or the performance of work , and for which service or work such person is paid by the labour broker.

Employers must register with the Compensation Fund and pay annual assessment fees (Refer to Return of Earnings) 



Any industry, undertaking , trade or occupation or any activity in which any employee is employed.