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You can claim compensation for being permanently or temporary disabled as a result of an "Injury On Duty"


You must have a valid IOD Claim number


Compensation is payable for any impairment of function, loss of limb or any permanent defect as a result of the injury.


Permanent disablement is an injury or illness that you will never fully recover from.


To be able to claim compensation, your "Injury on Duty" claim must be accepted by the Compensation Commissioner


Depending on the degree of disablement, compensation may take the form of a lump sum payment or monthly pension payments.


The Compensation Fund does not pay for pain or suffering, only for loss of movement or use of your body.


Some examples:

Loss of limbs, back or neck operation.

Paraplegia, amputation of leg, foot or hand.

Loss of vision etc.


Use Quinlou  to insure you have peace of mind and that your case is managed by a capable team

We will pre-assess your Injury on Duty and if you qualify you will be paid compensation by the Compensation Commissioner.