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To be in "Good Standing" with the Compensation Fund. It verifies that the company/ business met all its statutory responsibilities as required by the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act, 130 of 1993. 

There are huge benefits to both the employer and employee for the employer to be registered with the Compensation Fund.  The Act makes provision for the payment of compensation to employees sustaining an injury on duty.  The employer is protected against all civil claims which may be instituted against him in the event of an injury on duty, even in the event of alleged negligence



Every registered company, business, sole proprietor, contractor or Labour Broker in South Africa will need a Letter of Good Standing.

For employers who depends on tenders, a Letter of Good Standing is absolutely essential and a legal requirement.

The procedure to apply for a Letter of Good Standing has changed over the past few years and most individuals struggle with their applications, sacrificing hours attempting to acquire a Letter of Good Standing.


We ease the burden of this process for you, simplifying the entire process with our experience and expertise.


Please note that the Return of Earnings submission is NOT INCLUDED, however we can assist you with it.


The Letter of Good Standing will be sent to you once the Compensation Fund has assessed your account and you have paid all outstanding monies.


Average turnaround time: 2 working days for a reply.


If there are outstanding issues, the letter will be issued 5 working days after all issues have been resolved.


Very important:

 If you have not completed and submitted your Return of Earnings (RoE) , this must be done 1st before a renewed Letter of Good Standing can be applied for or issued

In case your fees are not up to date, we will send you the information, you need to settle your account with the Compensation Fund before we can continue with the Letter of Good Standing. Please note that any outstanding fees payable to the COMPENSATION FUND will not be included in our services fees.